How many CosmoPollys are there?

There are 5,000 CosmoPollys available to mint.

Is mint live?

Yup! Go save your very own CosmoPolly here!

What blockchain are CosmoPollys living on?

They are floating around the Ethereum blockchain! You can learn more about it here.

Where can I learn more about NFTs & Web3?

We love Surge - they are a female-led team that educate on Web3 & NFTs. Check them out here

How many are we be able to mint & how much do they cost?

This is a project meant to be financially accessibile and fun! You can mint up to 100 CosmoPollys at 0.005 ETH each!

Do you have a roadmap?

We keep our project plans and initiatives updated in our Discord. Please join the discord to stay up-to-date!

the gal*axy awaits...

CosmoPollys is a gal*axy of 5000 characters and their unique stories living on the Ethereum Blockchain. XOX